Turning Points in Post-War Bosnia: Ownership Process and European Integration, by Christophe Solioz (Baden-Baden: Nomos, Democracy, Security, Peace No 179, second revised edition 2007), 171 pp.

The tenth anniversary of the Dayton-Paris Peace Agreement in December 2005 provides an important milestone, encouraging a review of its achievements and shortcomings, and an examination of future challenges to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the international community. This book outlines some basic trends, focusing on three essential issues facing this country: democratisation and transitions processes, country ownership, and potential turning points. Addressing these issues in a non-dogmatic way, in the spirit of constructive criticism, the book concludes that both the EU and Bosnia must seize their opportunities and responsibilities. As the Dayton decade draws to an end, the next chapter in Bosnia's history must be a European one, and it must start now.

Christophe Solioz - an expert involved in the Balkans for over a decade - reviews key moments in Bosnia and Herzegovina's post-war development. Highlighting the complexity of the ownership process as well as the necessity to foster local responsibility, Solioz focuses on the processes of state-building and European integration that will evolve by implicit necessity and not by fiat or decree.
Wolfgang Petritsch



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