Regional Cooperation in South East Europe and Beyond: Challenges and Prospects, edited by Wolfgang Petritsch and Christophe Solioz (Baden-Baden: Nomos | Democracy, Security, Peace No 18, 2008), 187 pp.

Written by researchers and practitioners, Regional Cooperation in South East Europe and Beyond is a collection of essays that examine the challenges of regional cooperation in South East Europe and outline prospects for its future development. Among the issues considered in this collection are the increased diversity in the region, the paradox of new divisions and contradictions produced by the latest round of European Union enlargement, the connection between economic development and cooperation in the region, the coexistence of many cooperation programmes and the still unresolved security challenges. It also discusses why these countries should embrace the process of wider regional cooperation by moving beyond regional frameworks that are too narrowly conceived. The region should be seen less as a homogeneous space than a multifaceted network linked to other networks. It is now time to network these networks; proactive and forward-looking regional cooperation should follow less the logic of sovereign states and more the notion of mutually assured connectivity. Both the EU and South East Europe must seize this perspective and achieve regional cooperation as a truly innovative political project.

With contributions from: Othon Anastasakis | Martin Dangerfield | Milica Delevic | Vladimir Gligorov | Wolfgang Petritsch | Christophe Solioz | Goran Svilanovic | Theodor H. Winkler | Gregor Zore


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