Two Words - Deux Mots, by Sejla Kameric (Geneva: La Baconnière/Arts, 2009), 108 pp.

TWO WORDS / DEUX MOTS by Sejla Kameric focuses on artworks she made between 1999 and 2009. Functioning as a collage it is interlaced with statements, poems and essays from various authors who reflect on Kameric's opus; and divided into key issues the artist deals with: art, politics, society, morality, dreams, identity, possession, violence, happiness, sorrow, memories, boundaries, fortune-telling and lifestyles just to name a few. The intention is to turn the readers'/spectators' experience into active engagement with these topics offering him/her a participatory role in a "live" art presentation in a printed medium.

With contributions from: Damir Arsenijevic | Dunja Blazevic | Nebojsa Jovanovic | Charles Merewether | Edi Muka | Christophe Solioz | Josko Tomasevic | Anselm Wagner. Translation into French by Johan-Frédérik Hel Guedj.