Zielpunkt Europa - Von den Schluchten des Balkan und den Mühen der Ebene. Aufsätze - Reden - Kommentare - Interviews - Dokumente 2001-2009, by Wolfgang Petritsch (Klagenfurt: Wieser, ISBN 978-3-85129-859-8, 2009), 590 pp.

Zielpunkt Europa. Von den Schluchten des Balkan und den Mühen der Ebene is a selection of essays, speeches, op-eds, interviews and as yet unpublished documents by Wolfgang Petritsch covering the period 2001 through 2009. The editors Christophe Solioz and Vedran Dzihic have selected a wide variety of writings by the prominent Austrian diplomat and international troubleshooter covering both his stomping ground, the Balkans, as well as the European integration project—intimately intertwined subjects, as evidenced by Petritsch's writings. Furthermore, this absorbing Reader includes critical comments on the Middle East, his assessment of the Afghanistan conflict for ISAF in 2007 and on his fight against landmines and cluster munitions. His widely unknown successful struggle for the release of six Bosnians unlawfully taken to Guantánamo while he served as the International Community’s High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina are likewise documented; so is the author’s cross-examination by Milosevic in the war crimes Tribunal in The Hague. Personal reflections about actors and commentators in the Yugoslav drama—from Milosevic and Handke to Rugova—complement this highly readable book, written by one of the foremost practitioners in international conflict management.


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