Conflict and Memory: Bridging Past and Future in | South East | Europe, edited by Wolfgang Petritsch | Vedran Dzihic (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft | Southeast European Integration Perspectives, vol. 3, 2010), 326 pp.

Conflict and Memory: Bridging Past and Future in [ South East ] Europepresents a series of essays with a focus on reconstructing Europe's past. The book treats the Balkans as integral part of the common European history. In fact, many countries that are already European Union members also have conflicting memories and are to this very day involved in a complex process of, first, coming to terms with their own past; second, acknowledging each otherís conflicting memories; and, third, trying to (re)construct a common European memory as part of transnational memory spaces. The essays highlight memory discourses in different European countries with a focus on SEE. These country-specific and comparative studies offer convincing analyses and conclusions as to why the process of dealing with the past has to be viewed in the complex interplay between the European history and in the current context of the European Union integration processes.

With contributions from: Franz-Lothar Altmann | Damir Arsenijevic | Murat Belge | Martin Dangerfield | Isabelle de le Court | Jasna Dragovic-Soso | Vedran Dzihic | Ute Frevert | Konstanty Gebert | Edin Hajdarpasic | Florence Hartmann | Natasa Kandic | Dragan Klaic | Denisa Kostovicova | Filip Kovacevic | Sophie Milquet | Wolfgang Petritsch | Milan Popovic | Oliver Rathkolb | Mirsad Tokaca | Milica Tomic | Leonora Visoka Weller | Peter Vodopivec | Gottfried Wagner | Paola Yacoub.

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