The Challenges of Democratization and Reconciliation in the Post-Yugoslav Space
, edited by Eltion Meka and Stefano Bianchini (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft | Southeast European Integration Perspectives, vol. 13, 2020).

This book explores the challenges of democratization and reconciliation in the context of European integration in the post-Yugoslav region. Despite its academic and policy relevance, students and academics studying the region do not have a single source of reading material where they can learn about the challenges facing the region. This book aims to serve an array of college students and become a go-to source in studying the region. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the book provides readers with a comprehensive account of the various challenges inhibiting democratization and reconciliation. The chapters are written by authors from different disciplines, thus allowing readers to analyze the region from different perspectives.

With contributions from: Eltion Meka | Stefano Bianchini | Davor Paukovic | Viseslav Raos | Pero Maldini | Goran Patrick Filic | Eltion Meka | Maja Savic-Bojanic | Ilir Kalemaj | Sokol Lleshi | Johan J du Toit | Maja Pulic | Gazela Pudar Drasko | Aleksandar Pavlovic | Simona Mameli | Sanja Kajini | Marco Zoppi

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